Acquired Brain Injury Program

In-home support services

Brain injury survivors’ experiences are unique and as such require a personalized approach that will best address their needs. Goodwill consults with doctors, family members, loved ones and other service providers to ensure a collaborative approach to care. We provide a range of innovative services that allow survivors of brain injury that chance to re-develop physical mobility, compensate for memory loss, find social outlets and develop other skills needed for daily living.

Services provided by Goodwill include:

  • Independent living skills training (ILST)
  • Pre-vocational services (Pre-Voc)
  • Community living skills training (CLSS)
  • Supported employment (SE)
  • Chore services
  • Companion services
  • Family supports, training and respite services
  • Homemaker service
  • Vocational training and job placement

Through Goodwill’s extensive education and training programs, our staff is carefully prepared to help each individual attain and maintain the highest level of independence possible. In addition to being an advocate for the community and operating support groups twice per month, Goodwill provides services to individuals who live in their own homes with family and friends. All of our residential programs are committed to facilitating community inclusion and independent living. Goodwill serves individuals from as few as five hours a week to 24 hours a day throughout the state of Connecticut.

We are proud to employ staff members who are certified as brain- injury specialists, allowing us to serve those with brain injuries and co-occurring challenges including physical disabilities and mental health disorders. Additionally, we employ a registered nurse who allows us to provide more accurate medical approaches to care when needed.

Residential services include:

  • Twenty-four hour direct support staff
  • Recreational opportunities and outings
  • Assistance with transportation needs
  • Case management services

Goodwill is a qualified provider for Connecticut's ABI Medicaid Waiver Program. This program enables people with an acquired brain injury to live outside of institutions and nursing homes by providing non-medical services to them in their own communities. Individuals must be eligible for services through the Connecticut Department of Social Services, ABI Medicaid Waiver or the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services ABI services.

At Goodwill of Western & Northern Connecticut, individuals receive the independent living skills training, support services, cognitive and vocational training they need to re-build their lives. Our innovative services allow survivors of brain injury the chance to re-develop physical mobility, memory, self-care, communication and other skills needed for daily living.

Goodwill offers ABI support groups, which are held twice per month and open to the public. Each session allows for the brain- injury survivors to converse, share their stories and provide each other comfort in a safe and supportive environment. Some of the groups entail recreational outings or activities, such as bowling, music therapy, arts and crafts and more. New members are always welcome and everyone’s input and ideas are considered.

Bridgeport: Offered the every Wednesday of each month
10:00am - 12:00pm
  Goodwill of Western & Northern CT
Wahlstrom Residence
165 Ocean Terrace
Bridgeport, CT 06605

To learn more about our support groups at Goodwill please contact us at (203) 650-9021.
OR to learn about other groups available in the state of Connecticut please contact the Brain Injury Alliance of Connecticut or call (860) 219-0291.

To inquire about Goodwill's Acquired Brain Injury Program, call our Director at (860) 856-2293.

Download a PDF fact sheet of this program here