Community Experience Program (CEP)

Community Integration

Sponsored by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services, Goodwill's Community Experience Program provides community-based and individual activities to people with severe and/or multiple disabilities in programs in Bridgeport, Greenwich and Hartford. The program offers a wide range of daily in-house activities. These activities promote social integration, improved health and fitness, creativity and skills development. Community-based activities include volunteer work in the community, visits to museums and libraries as well as trips to nature centers, parks, and zoos. In-house activities include use of Nintendo Wii, music therapy sessions, indoor bowling, a sensory room and crafts activities.

To inquire about Goodwill's Community Experience Programs, contact one of our Associate Directors:

in Bridgeport/Greenwich (203) 581-5327

in Hartford call (860) 578-5456

Download a PDF fact sheet of this program here